28. December 2013

The December 2013 episode of my ProgressiveBeats Podcast.
Hope you enjoy

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Track list:
1. Alex H – Remanants of Zimbabwe [PHW]
2. Talamanca – Oasis [ESM]
3. Ilan Bluestone & Jerome Isma-Ae – Under My Skin [Anjunabeats]
4. Dayon – Flying Away [Makira]
5. Speedlimits – My personal sunrise [Enhanced Progressive]
6. Vitodito – Menorca (Max Dillon Remix) [Encanta]
7. Gregory Esayan – Forever Child [Arrival]
8. Ma5haria – Mettle (Talamanca Remix) [ESM]
9. Terry Da Libra – Find your way home [Fuzzy]
10. Talamanca – White Sands [ESM]
11. Alex H – Seeking Agapism [PHW]

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