5. January 2012 Podcast

The new podcast is out now. Some awesome tracks on here with some personal favourites from Michael Cassette, Paul Keeley, Oliver Smith, Mat Zo, Arty, Proff and my newest “discovery” Johan Vilborg.

Download it here:

Track List
1. DJ Orion & J.Shore – The Night After (Michael Cassette Remix)
2. Johan Vilborg – Fall (Original Mix)
3. Proff – Deep Orange (Original Mix)
4. Michael Cassette – Ghost in the Machine (Original Mix)
5. Arty – Hope (Original Mix)
6. Mat Zo – Loop (The Essential Unreleased Mix)
7. Paul Keeley – Fly By (Original Mix)
8. Johan Vilborg feat. Seven Palmberg – She made me smile (Original Mix)
9. Oliver Smith – Symetry (7 Skies Remix)
129 bpm

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