ProgressiveBeats Episode 32

Episode 32 of my ProgressiveBeats Podcast.
This month featuring the usual great tunes from some of the best producers out there, and the 10th track on here is my own – coming soon on Tactal Hots. Hope you enjoy ;-)

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Track List:
1. Nigel Good – Nothing out here [Silk Royal]
2. Alex H – Zw [Sunset Melodies]
3. Namatria – Liberty [PHW]
4. Alex H – Thank You [Free bit.ly/S3KzHb]
5: Dinka & Morttagua – In Caelo [Pineapple Digital]
6: Soulforge & Vitodito – Dreamer’s Corner (Original) [Encanta]
7. Alex H – Blood Moon [Sunset Melodies]
8. Nap ‘Till 9 – Nomen Nescio (Sedi Remix) [PHW]
9. Alex H – Southern Sun [ESMFree bit.ly/1mj5fWe]
10. Skua – Red Kites [Tactal Hots]
11. Mossy – Heartbeat [Encanta]

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