ProgressiveBeats Episode 40

Episode 40, enjoy :-)

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Track List:
1. Eimear – Crossing Stars (Intro Mix) -Sunset Melodies-
2. Talamanca – In Motion (Original) -ESM-
3. Onez!e – Parallels (D05 Remix) -Perplexity-
4. Stan Arwell – Laconia (Original Mix) -ESM-
5. Meyro – Latch -Perplexity-
6. Mike Flyer – Sunset Sonata (Proff Remix) -Blue Soho-
7. Martin Graff & Eva Kade – You hold me right here -PHW-
8. Dallonte & Tali Muss – In Love (Jayeson Andel Remix) -Incepto-
9. Roald Velden – Hope (Jallen Remix) -ESM-

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