ProgressiveBeats Episode 42

Episode 42, hope you enjoy :-)

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Track List:
1. Will Canas – Fiore -Sunset Melodies-
2. Talamanca – Society -ESM-
3. Musty – Sunny Days -Perplexity-
4. Talamanca – In Motion (Stan Arwell Remix) -ESM-
5. Daga – You are here -ESM-
6. Alex H & Roald Velden – Perplexity of Dreams (Sunny Terrace) -Perplexity-
7. Roald Velden – She’s Something Else -Sunset Melodies-
8. Terry Da Libra – Onirikon -Arrival-
9. Dinka & Morttagua – In Caelo (Bee Hunter Remix) -Pineapple-
10. Max Dillon – Cerulean -ESM-
11. Miroslav Vrlik – Chords -Arrival-

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