ProgressiveBeats Year 3 Mix 2014

My mix of my favourite tracks from Year 3 of the podcast. This actually covers from September 2013->December 2014 as I was doing these on the anniversary of the podcast, but it makes more sense to do them at the end of each calendar year from now on. Enjoy, much love and thanks for your support <3

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Track List:
1. Nigel Good – Nothing out here -Silk Royal-
2. London Grammar – Strong (Judah Remix) -CDR-
3. Enviado Vida – Prior Tenement (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix) -Incepto-
4. Zanio ft Kaiiila – Ever (BG&K remix) -Incepto-
5. Alex H – Odyssey -CDR-
6. Alex H – Southern Sun -ESMFree-
7. Anry – Serene Sky -Enhanced Progressive-
8. Creep ft Romy – The days (Super 8 & Tab Remix) -The Young Turks-
9. Fon.Leman – Lynx Eye (Jaytech Remix) -Intricate-
10. Adam Szabo & Johan Vilborg – Two to One 1:06 -Enhanced Progressive-
11. Estiva & Johan Vilborg – Mondays 1:06 -Enhanced Progressive-
12. Sedi – ZZyZx (DGM Remix) -PHW-
13. LTN & Blood Groove & Kikis – Both -Silk Digital-
14. EDU – Action Hero (Progressive Mix) -Macarize-
15. A.Squared & Sunshaper ft Allam – Everlast -ESM-
16. Lunarbeam & Solarbeam – White sand -Sunset Melodies-

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