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Podcast iTunes Chart Progress

The ProgressiveBeats podcast is continuing to grow in popularity :-)

I’m checking the iTunes charts daily (trying not to do it more frequently than that!) and so far, the highest the October podcast has climbed is number 38 in the Music podcast chart.
In the 10 days since it’s been released, the October podcast has had 550 downloads, the September podcast has had 543 in total.

The podcast series is hovering around the top 100 mark, the highest I’ve seen it is 85.

I’m absolutely delighted with all of this, especially as this is only the 2nd podcast episode so far! Thanks to everyone who downloaded it so far, if you liked what you heard be sure to share it with your friends :-D

ProgressiveBeats Podcast featured on iTunes “New and Noteworthy”

I’d noticed that the bandwidth for my podcast was being rapidly used up over the last week, and I was wondering why the number of downloads was suddenly rocketing…. So, after trawling the web a bit this morning I happened to look at iTunes and much to my amazement the ProgressiveBeats Podcast is featured in the “New and Noteworthy” section (they don’t send you an email or anything to tell you), one of only 20 music podcasts listed there at the moment! That’s incredible :-), no wonder its using over 2Gig of bandwith per day!!

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded it so far. I’m working on another episode at the moment and I’ll be updating this site with lots of lovely content over the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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