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11. August 2012 Podcast

Hope you enjoy :-)

Unfortunately Mixcloud seems to be struggling to upload at the moment, so until that fixes itself follow the link below to stream the mix:


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Direct download (right click, save link as):

Track List:
1. Purple Cocktail feat. V.Ray – Good Day (Blood Groove &amp Kikis Dub Mix)
2. Shingo Nakamura & Kazusa – Move on (Sundriver Remix)
3. Mango & Embliss – Heiligenstadt (Original Mix)
4. Aku & Ghazaly vs Matt Bukovski – Reflections (Sundriver Remix)
5. Juspio – Boomerang (Paul Keeley Remix)
6. Ellie Goulding – Lights (Thomas Feijk Remix)
7. Dobenbeck – Please don’t go (Sedi Dub)
8. Matt Fax – Sju (Original Mix)
9. Mindset – Malibu (Original Mix)
10. Ninesh Babu – Carry On (David Folkebrant Dub)
11. Jimmy Roqsta – Good Enough (Faskil & Noki “Better Yet” Remix)

My Tri-Society Mix

I recently had a mix of mine played on the Tri-Society cloudcast.
You can stream it here….


or download my section (without the radio intros and drops) here….

The track list is:
1. DJ Orion & J Shore – The night After (Michael Cassette Remix)
2. Jaytech & Boom Jinx – Milano (Original Mix)
3. Mango – Friday Coffee (Paul Keeley Remix)
4. Playton – Silence (Original Mix) ***DEEP PILL***
5. Johan Vilborg – Altara (Original Mix)
6. Proff – Tell (Original Mix)
7. Dinka – Ellipsis (Original Mix)
8. Terry da Libra – Age of Innocence (Original Mix)
9. BT – Flaming June (Stereojackers Progressive Remake)
10. Jaytech – Grey Horizon (Original Mix)

Podcast BONUS Test Feed

Welcome to the official 1st post on progressivebeats.co.uk!
This is a bit of a bonus release as it isn’t really the first podcast episode. Instead, I have posted my live mix from Back Once Again, Birmingham on 16/09/2011, which I also used as my podcast test feed.
You can stream the mix live via mixcloud above.

***Update: As it was taking up so much bandwidth, I have removed the test feed from the podcast – instead, you can download a high quality version from MediaFire by clicking the button below.***


Track List
1. Dinka – Aircraft (Original Mix)
2. Dinka – Ordinary People (Original Mix)
3. Dinka – Zero Altitude (Original Mix)
4. Schodt – Tokyo Dawn (Dinka Remix)
5. Dinka – The Temptation (Original Mix)
6. Paul Keeley – Sunset Boulevard (Original Mix)
7. Dinka – Kazantip (Original Mix)
8. Dinka – Ghosts in a suit (Original Mix)
9. Paul Keeley – Life Aquatic (Original Mix)
10. Jaytech – Pyramid (Dinka Remix)
11. Dinka – My love will surround you (Original Mix)
12. Paul Keeley feat Natalie Peris – Disco Belle (Dub Mix)
13. Paul Keeley – Doormatica (Original Mix)

BPM: 128