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ProgressiveBeats Hybrid Breakbeat Mix

In 1997 Sasha and John Digweed released a mix album called Northern Exposure 2, a record which is now regarded as a classic by fans of Electronic Dance Music.
For me, the absolute stand out track on the album was a tune called “Symphony” by Hybrid. I had literally never heard anything like this before: the deeply emotional sounds of the string section (performed by the Russian Federal Orchestra) paired with tough-as-nails rolling breakbeats are such a powerful and emotive combination that I was (and still am 14 years later) completely blown away….
Hybrid went on to release an album in 1999 called Wide Angle, this contained a “Finished” mix of Symphony along with other epic tunes such as “If I survive”, “Dreaming Your Dreams” and “Beachcoma”. People described their sound as “cinematic”, which I think sum’s it up pretty well – the soundscapes which they create are very reminiscent of film scores… a fact which has obviously not escaped the attention of Holywood, as in addition to producing soundtracks to numerous computer games, this Welsh group have created the scores for more than 10 blockbuster movies including “Fast Five”, “X-Men Origins – Wolverine”, “Man on Fire”, “Unstoppable”, “The Taking of Pelham 123″ and “Deja Vu” (oddly 4 of which star Denzel Washington…. perhaps he’s a fan too!).
Hybrid have also completed over 100 remixes of more than 40 artists, some of which I have included in this mix, starting with the now infamously deleted remix of “So Pure” by Alanis Morisette, renamed “Jaded Little Pill” (apparently she hated it), which many regard as one of their greatest remixes.
The group have now released 4 studio albums and regularly DJ as Hybrid Sound System, their sound has developed over the years and is very difficult to categorise as it often touches on rock, progressive house, trance, techno and breakbeat; but what is constant is the depth and complexity of the production which goes into every track.
This is a mix of some of my favourite Hybrid tunes, all of which were released before 2002, in what I regard as their seminal period. To listen to this, I’d recommend locking yourself in a dark room, putting on some headphones and losing yourself in some of the most exquisitely constructed music you’ll ever hear.


Track list:
1. Alanis Morisette – So Pure [Jaded Little Pill] (Hybrid Remix)
2. Rob Dougan – Clubbed to Death (Hybrid Remix)
3. Hybrid – If I Survive (Original Mix)
4. BT – Never Going To Come Back Down (Hybrid Remix)
5. Andreas Johnson – Glorious (Hybrid Remix)
6. Hybrid – Finished Symphony (Echoplex Remix)*
7. Hybrid – Symphony (Original Mix)*
BPM: 140
* I make no apology for mixing two versions of the same track together – they are both epic!

Hybrid (Taking Music Beyond Progression) by Mark D Evans

2. October 2011 ProgressiveBeats Podcast

My 2nd podcast release! Thanks to everyone who has downloaded so far…
In this mix I’ve tried to use some really uplifting, emotional tunes. They’re not all new, but I think every one of them is superb: if these don’t give you goosebumps then nothing will!
I’ve also added in a link to download a high quality copy of the podcast from MediaFire. Please listen, enjoy the music and if you like it, subscribe to the podcast. Thanks :-)

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Track List
1. Mat Zo – Near the end (original Mix)
2. Daniel Portman – Fiji Islands (Original Mix)
3. Above & Beyond – Prelude (Original Mix)
4. Mango – Friday Coffee (Paul Keeley Remix)
5. Dinka feat Julie Thompson, Hadley Civil Servants – Ellipsis (Original Mix)
6. Proff – Tell (Original Mix)
7. Jaytech – Delta (Proff Remix)
8. Ad Brown – Elevator (Soundprank Remix)
BPM: 130

AnjunaFamily UK Mix Collaboration

ProgressiveBeats is really proud to have been involved with this innovative project:

An ambitious web-collaboration mix project by DJs Selcon, Wearfield, Vitro and Phil Byron (who hasn’t got a cool DJ name) of the mysterious group known only as the AnjunaFamilyUK.

The premise was simple: all the tunes had to have been released on either the Anjunabeats or Anjunadeep labels; each DJ does one mix then “passes it on” to the next, who mixes in their tune to the master file and passes it on…. like playing back-to-back but over the internet. The execution proved to be not quite so simple…. We got there in the end, it was a bit of a rollercoaster at times but we’re all pretty pleased with the final result.

Considering that: 1. We’re all spread around the UK & 2. We’ve never met; we think it’s quite an achievement :-)

Download it and share it with everyone you know!

Track List:
0:00 – Jaytech & Boom Jinx – Milano (Original Mix) – Selected by Selcon
6:00 – Proff – Albina (Original Mix) – Mixed by Selcon
12:07 – Above & Beyond – Anjunabeach (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix) – Mixed by Phil B
17:56 – Mat Zo – Superman (Mike Koglin Remix) – Mixed by Wearfield
23:53 – Arty & Misha Kitone – Inside of me (Original Mix)  – Mixed by Vitro
30:03 – Genix & Mike Koglin – Helion (Norin & Rad Remix) – Mixed by Selcon
35:52 – Jaytech – Wannabe (Original Mix)  – Mixed by Phil B
40:28 – Aalto – Resolution (Daniel Kandi’s Solution Mix) – Wearfield

1. September 2011 ProgressiveBeats Podcast

This is the first real ProgressiveBeats podcast release!
A Progressive House mix to start us off; some new tunes on here and some that are just new to me…
I’m really enjoying the music coming from the Swiss Progressive House scene at the moment, especially the stuff from the artists in the Helvetic Nerds collective so this mix has a few tunes from some of those artists.
I’m also loving the work of Jerome Isma-Ae lately, I’ve only just recently become aware of him but I really like his style of Progressive House which is why a lot of the tunes on here are by/remixed by him.
The Astrix remix of Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap is a track that was brought to my attention by a friend recently. It’s really a trance track but it pitches down quite nicely to slot into a Progressive House set.
The mix ends with a massive tune from the Russian producer Arty who has had some huge releases on the Anjuna labels lately.
Click the button to subscribe through iTunes, or you can download a high quality version from MediaFire.
Hope you enjoy.

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Track List
1. EDX – Embrace (Original Mix)
2. Jerome Isma-Ae – Phantom (Original Mix)
3. Chris Reece – Salvation (Jerome Isma-Ae & Daniel Portman Remix)
4. Maor Levi – Reflect (Jerome Isma-Ae & Daniel Portman Remix)
5. Daniel Portman & Jerome Isma-Ae – Flashing Lights (Original Mix)
6. Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition (Astrix Remix)
7. Jerome Isma-Ae – Stars In Your Head (Original Mix)
8. Arty – Kate (Original Mix)
BPM: 128

Podcast BONUS Test Feed

Welcome to the official 1st post on progressivebeats.co.uk!
This is a bit of a bonus release as it isn’t really the first podcast episode. Instead, I have posted my live mix from Back Once Again, Birmingham on 16/09/2011, which I also used as my podcast test feed.
You can stream the mix live via mixcloud above.

***Update: As it was taking up so much bandwidth, I have removed the test feed from the podcast – instead, you can download a high quality version from MediaFire by clicking the button below.***


Track List
1. Dinka – Aircraft (Original Mix)
2. Dinka – Ordinary People (Original Mix)
3. Dinka – Zero Altitude (Original Mix)
4. Schodt – Tokyo Dawn (Dinka Remix)
5. Dinka – The Temptation (Original Mix)
6. Paul Keeley – Sunset Boulevard (Original Mix)
7. Dinka – Kazantip (Original Mix)
8. Dinka – Ghosts in a suit (Original Mix)
9. Paul Keeley – Life Aquatic (Original Mix)
10. Jaytech – Pyramid (Dinka Remix)
11. Dinka – My love will surround you (Original Mix)
12. Paul Keeley feat Natalie Peris – Disco Belle (Dub Mix)
13. Paul Keeley – Doormatica (Original Mix)

BPM: 128